Meter reading optical probe OP-345 with RS-232 signal level

The optical probe OP-345 is an interface for a bidirectional data exchange between a meter such as power meter, gas meter, heat meter, water meter etc. and a peripheral device via infrared optical waves. The optical reading head is manufactured in accordance with the standard IEC 62056-21 (IEC 1107) and is compatible with all consumption meters that support this European standard.

Our optical probe OP-345 has on one end a four-wire cable with RJ-10 connector, which can be connected to a peripheral device or Handheld. There is a fix mounted magnetic ring on the other end of the optical reading head, which will be docked on your counter. The output of the optical probe OP-345 is based on serial connection standard RS-232.

Please note that additional, specific software is necessary to exchange data between the consumption meter and your peripheral device.

Of course, we can customize the optical interface OP-345 to your individual needs.

optical probe OP-345

Mechanical description of the optical probe OP-345

  • Connector: RJ-10
  • infrared filter against external light influences
  • Dimensions (Ø x H): appr. 32 x 26 mm
  • Magnetical holding force: > 15 N
  • Casing material : ABS
  • Cable length: 1,5 m
  • Cable: Ø 4,5 mm, four-wire cable
  • Weight: approx. 85 gr

Electronical description of the optical probe OP-345

  • Standard: IEC 62056-21 (IEC 1107)
  • Power supply: no power supply required. Supplied from RS-232 interface
  • Consumed current: appr. 5 mA (Transmitting operation)
  • Signal level: Compatible with EIA-232 (RS-232)
  • Bit rate: 19200 bit/s
  • Wavelength: 880nm
  • Echofilter: yes

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